Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions- We have answers

Will the Happy Hair Hat choke me?

Not anymore than a RNC from your training partner. Just kidding. Actually the Happy Hair Hat is designed to easily release if needed. Just pull on one string and it will come undone. In the years of wearing these we have never had a choking issue.

How do I wear my hat? 

Excellent question! It may look strait forward to some but over the years we have found a little system that works best. Put your hair in a low pony tail bun or basic side pigtails. Don't worry about any sort of fancy french braid.

We like to put on our Happy Hair Headband under our Hat, especially when rolling hard so any tiny baby hairs that have been broken off from not having a Happy Hair Hat can be saved and start to grow out.

Put your Happy Hair Hat on starting at the front and pull it up and over your hair. If you have side braids in, pull the Happy hair Hat down and loop the braids around the back of your head like you are making a crown with criss-cross braids which start from the back (take the right braid and swing it over to the left side of the head and then do the same on the other side). 

Tuck in all the little wild hairs and make sure the elastic in the back is hugging on to all of your hair like a little hammock. Tie the strings in a tight bow and off you go!

Can I wear this for competitions? 

It depends on the competition. We suggest contacting the competition and asking them if you can wear a "non-religious head covering" and perhaps send them a photo, for example. We are currently working on a different design that will be specifically for IBJJF to comply with their rules. 

We have been told the hats are legal at Fight 2 Win and NAGA

The black Happy Hair Headband is IBJJF legal


Will this stretch out?

If you put your hair in a high ponytail the likelihood of it stretching out is high. As with any apparel things do wear out, we suggest getting another Happy Hair Hat every year or so depending on how much you train.


How do I wash my Happy Hair Hat/ Headband?

  • Hand wash/ delicate cycle in cold water only.
  • Mild detergent. No Chlorine bleach.
  • Wash with non-cotton garments
  • Dry Flat. Do not machine dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Note: Slight fading might occur after first wash.
  • No fabric softener for all products.


How often should I wash my hat/ headband?

It depends on how much you train and sweat. If you think something is dirty then you should wash it. We recommend getting a couple and washing them after every training session just like with a gi.


Do you have any other designs?

A couple times a year we plan to come out with new designs for the hats and headbands. We are constantly coming out with new rash guard and legging designs. If you have a design you want to see please contact us and show us your idea. If we pick your design then you will get a free item that you designed. 


What if it is too big?

We tried to make the hat as universal as possible. It might be that your hair is too silky and your hat needs some friction. If so, then make sure to put your Headband on under your Hat.

We suggest one that doesn’t use a silicone band as that will break your hairs. If it is still too big, you might need a small and those are by special order. Please contact us at


What about Returns? 


Check out our return policy here