About Us

 My name is Asti Alexandria, the designer and creator of the Happy Hair Hat.


They say, “Necessity is the mother of all invention” and that’s totally the case with the Happy Hair Hat. Two of the things I love just didn’t jive — long hair and grappling.

asti alexandria

I was tired of my hair ending up all over the mats after class each day. And I abstained from rolling as I thought I would further ruin it. I drilled and drilled and didn’t get a lot better at jiu-jitsu. I really like my hair and have spent a fortune making sure it looked amazing. I wasn’t about to destroy it with my new passion.


After about 6 months of not fully participating in jiu-jitsu and wondering why everyone else’s skills were skyrocketing past mine, I was set on figuring out a way to roll and save my hair.

I started with a water polo cap. The plastic on the sides cut my ears and I looked ridiculous. It was like a reverse headgear, hurting more than it helped. So then I went to a rugby cap. It was big and bulky. Then a swim cap but that stuck to the mats. I bought headbands. Made headbands. Tried the double headbands with silicone. You name it, I tried it!

I went back to square one. A polo cap without plastic ear cups. Now I was getting somewhere.


I had a customized hat made and it worked well enough — yet some of my hair grappling hat the before escaped and that got pulled. I thought this was the best option until I had ladies constantly ask where to get what I had.

That’s when the light bulb went off… “Why don’t I design these specifically for the needs of ladies who grapple and help out everyone?”


I started making calls, doodling sketches, cutting fabric and making the perfect hat for grappling gals who want to keep their long locks looking great — not to mention the worries of constant tugging. After months of back and forth with the factory, we finally got it! Now every lady can roll with confidence and not look like she barely escaped a tornado when finished. As an added bonus, haircuts keep their shape longer, too. Imagine that cost savings!


After creating the Happy Hair Hat, I started to think about all of the other things that grappling can be hard on…like your face, nails, sore muscles and bruising. I’m currently working away at creating other products sure to make grappling more pleasant on and off the mats.


Next up is a wonderfully moisturizing face serum that helps mitigate gi burn and helps you look even more beautiful. (In fact, my mom has been using it and a noted Colorado politician stopped her mid conversation to ask what she’s using on her gorgeous skin!) It’s also great on hair and cuticles. We have a luscious detangler in the mix — and it will be released shortly. If you have any other ideas that would make for happy grappling, please do let me know. I’m open to all sorts of great ideas!


Thank you for supporting a woman-owned company — created by an athlete for athletes.


Hugs and Love,