Biohacking Tips to Lose Weight on a Budget

Weight Loss Tips

Many of us would like to shed excess weight, get better sleep, and improve our moods. However, these goals can seem almost unachievable. After years of following the same tired life-improvement advice, you may be hoping for something more.


That’s where biohacking comes in. This is a method of fine-tuning your choices to take advantage of what your body needs. By making and tracking incremental changes, you can find out what lifestyle suits your biology best. Not only is it tailored for you, but it’s also easy to fit into nearly any budget. Courtesy of Grapple Happy, here’s an intro to biohacking and how you can use it to reach your goals:


What Is Biohacking?

Simply put, biohacking is anything you do to use your body’s biology to your advantage. The odds are good you’ve done some form of biohacking before without even intending to. Perhaps the most commonly practiced type of biohacking is simply trying different sleep and wake times to find your best circadian rhythm. Another popular biohack is learning how to breathe through stress and anxiety.

Since biohacking is often just about lifestyle adjustments, many types of biohacking are entirely free. Even biohacks that may require some investment, like setting up an at-home gym (more on this later) can cost less if you focus on finding good discounts on equipment through sites like Craigslist or FaceBook Marketplace.


Biohacking Your Meals

One common form of biohacking is via diet. Many biohackers swear by intermittent fasting. There is a ton of science to back the benefits of not eating for a set time. First, some studies have shown that intermittent fasting can help you control your blood sugar. Your body may also be better at fighting inflammation.

Intermittent fasting can help you lose weight, which can also have the benefit of lowering your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Surprisingly, there are benefits for your brain, as well. According to Healthline, it’s possible that your neurodegenerative disease risk may also be lessened.

One of the best ways to get into fasting is to download the Zero app, which is free for Apple and Android devices. It can help you keep track of your circadian rhythm and manage your fasting experience with a journal and visual progression charts.


Fitness Hacks

We all know we need to exercise, but many of us don’t manage to actually get that done. Fortunately, there are a couple of hacks you can use to get yourself on track when it comes to working out. Your first goal should always be identifying barriers. For example, getting to the gym is a barrier for many. 

After a long day of work, most of us would rather slip into pajamas than gear up for a workout. That’s not even to mention the cost of maintaining a gym membership. Setting up a home gym is an easy way to overcome this barrier. By having exercise equipment at home, you’ll be more motivated to use it. Add in remote coaching, and you’ll be able to achieve even more. Combined with a fitness tracker, such as the Oura Ring or Apple watch, a home gym and remote coaching can help you quickly start down a path toward reaching your wellness goals.

Time commitment is another barrier that many people often face. That’s why so many biohackers love doing high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. This is a form of cardio where you do an intense exercise for a short interval (30 seconds is common) and then rest for a short interval. These short bursts of energy burn a ton of calories, so much so that a brief HIIT session can burn as many calories as a long run.

To ensure you meet your daily workout goals, apply a SMART approach (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based). This is one of the most proven ways to affect change in your lifestyle. Start small. Like planning to get in 30 minutes of activity every day, even if it’s not the gym. Once you meet that goal, it’s time to add something else. By building on your successes and adding more a little at a time, you’ll be better equipped to achieve and even surpass your goals. 


When you’ve found your perfect biohacking fit, you will experience full-body benefits. Good nutrition and regular exercise lead to better sleep, a more functional immune system, and better moods. Don’t underestimate the low-cost impact biohacking can have on your life. Focus on honing in on and meeting your body’s needs so that you can thrive. 

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Written and submitted by 

Anya Willis